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Grade 10 Resources: Canadian History since WWI

Here are al the resources you need for your project.

Google search

Google Search Tips

  • NEVER ask Google a question!
  • Think about your KEY WORDS, e.g., “Life in Canada during the Great Depression
  • Use quotation marks, e.g., “Battle of Dieppe” “Sir Robert Borden”
  • Use truncation, e.g.,  Canad*
  • Use synonyms, e.g.,
    • war, conflict, battle, combat OR TRY THIS:
    • ~war
  • Your search could look like this: Canad* AND "Great Depression"

Website Credibility

Be sure you're using credible web resources!

Click here for a web credibility guide.

Passwords for encyclopedias and databases (from home)

The passwords are all in Edsby. The conference is called "Towers Library." If you have any problems, email me.