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Grade 10 Resources: Canadian History since WWI

Here are all the resources you need for your project.

Google Search Tips

  • NEVER ask Google a question!
  • Think about your KEY WORDS, e.g., “Life in Canada during the Great Depression
  • Use quotation marks, e.g., “Battle of Dieppe” “Sir Robert Borden”
  • Use truncation, e.g.,  Canad*
  • Use synonyms, e.g.,
    • war, conflict, battle, combat OR TRY THIS:
    • ~war
  • Your search could look like this: Canad* AND "Great Depression"

Website Credibility

Be sure you're using credible web resources!

Click here for a web credibility guide.

Passwords for encyclopedias and databases (from home)

The passwords are all in Edsby. The conference is called "Towers Library." If you have any problems, come and see me or email me.